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PMP Salary – Everything you need to know


PMP Salary Guide

How much does a PMP get paid? In this article we will explore answers to questions related to the PMP salary such as:

  • What is the average PMP Salary?
  • Does getting the PMP have any effect on your income?
  • How much does a PMP make per year?

To answer these questions, let’s look at some interesting information from different parts of the world.


What is the Average PMP Salary

The most important thing to note is that Professionals who have a PMP certification earn on average a 22% higher salary than those without the certification. The median salary of a PMP project manager in the USA is $116000. The increase varies from country to country, some countries really respect the PMP certification and pay good money to PMP certified project managers.


PMP Salary across the world

Let’s look at how much can you earn in different parts of the world if you are a PMP:

  • Switzerland – $130,000
  • United States USA – $116000
  • Australia – $100,000
  • Germany – $96000
  • Brazil – $38,643
  • India – $28,750

You can check out more information of over 37 countries right here in this PMP Salary Survey


Does the PMP Certificaton increase your income?

Next, lets learn how much of an increase you can get in your pay if you have a PMP certification.

  • In the USA, PMP certification holders earn 26% more than project managers who do not have a PMP certification.
  • In the Philippines, you get a 84% increase. Similarly, in Indonesia, you get a 82% increase. This is immense!
  • In Malaysia, you can get a 36% increase if you are PMP certified.
  • In South Africa, you can get a 42% higher income for having the PMP certification. Thats a lot!
  • In Brazil, you can earn a 29% higher income with a PMP.


Based on the information above, we can safely conclude that having a PMP certification is very valuable and that it certainly results in an increase in income. Of course, it is also important to consider that the PMP also increases your global reputation. Once you have passed the PMP exam, you can make the most of it by applying to countries where you get a higher pay for having the PMP. So the PMP is like your passport to a better company, a higher income, and new places to explore in the world.

In case you’d like to learn more details, you can check out PMP Certification Requirements

Author: Umer Waqar

Umer Waqar is a Branding ,Digital Marketing and Project Management Professional. His experience and understanding of Technology and Marketing has led him to manage projects across commercial and technical teams in high capital and large scale projects.

January 25, 2020

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