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A lot of hard work went into developing our training program. We left no stone unturned in making sure our product is world class. We would advise you to watch at least 30 percent of the course to fully appreciate it’s quality before you make a decision to get a refund.

Please remember that project management is a dry subject compared to other more visual topics than Digital Marketing or Social Media. Studying for it can be challenging and not as exciting. And that is where your hard work, perseverance and commitment come into play. We simply dont want you to give up because we promise to help you achieve your goal of passing the pmp.

We believe that your time is extremely precious. And so it is not worthwhile to waste your time with things that don’t count towards the exam
It is for this reason that our product will always focus on Quality and not Quantity.

You need to learn MORE of WHAT MATTERS and LESS of what DOESN’T MATTER or is NOT REQUIRED.

We want you to pass on your first try, this is the basis upon which we built our training for you.
We have immense faith and confidence that our training is unparalleled in term of it’s quality. We know the in and out of the pmp exam syllabus and have developed a course that specifically helps you prepare for the exam.

In case you decide to get a refund

All you need to do is send an email to and we will process your request in the next 2 days asap.

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